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The best new way to find Fast quality hair and fashion inspiration

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The best new way to find Fast quality fashion inspiration



The best new way to find Fast quality hairstyle inspiration

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    What is Looklist?

    The Internet is is an uncurated mess of content that grows every day. For hairstyle and fashion lovers, finding the perfect image in the haystack is impossible. (Because let’s face it, we know what we want.) Google images is a joke, even the blogging and pinning sites are poorly moderated, and horribly tagged. Okay, rant over. While we would love to cure the internet of horrible content, we're starting with Hair and Style because it's what we care about most, quality style inspiration. We’ve created a simple one-stop shop for hair and fashion inspiration. Our platform combines beautifully curated content with our detailed tagging and weighting system to provide a discovery experience that is both useful and enjoyable.

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    • Detailed thorough tagging system with weighting and algorithm technology
    • Filter panel: Helps you find the exact high-quality hairstyle or fashion inspiration you want
    • Top level curation and moderation of content: No junky selfies or blurry mirror shots
    • Endless search results leading you down a feed of similar images
    • Show similar: Search based on any photo you like
    • Curated content: Can be used as a visual directory to bloggers and stylists all over the world
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    Hair vs Style

    Yes, it‘s true. The Hair and fashion products are merging! We figure hair is fashion, and fashion is hair. Right? We are working to bring these products closer together so you‘ll soon be able to save Hair and Style images to sets together. The look and feel of the two sites will match and have an integrated experience. Mobile apps are also on their way, Hair will soon have a salon–specific setup that will be life–changing. So stay tuned!

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    What’s Next?

    Because we have gotten so specific with the tags and weighting, we can use and provide accurate trend analysis data to users and brands without wasting anyone‘s time, or annoying people with poorly targeted ads. We always want more, better places to shop right? And no, you will never see ugly annoying ads on this site, we value beautiful design above all else.

    We are working on adding a few more verticals as well. Fashion and hair are great, but there is plenty of other messy image content out there. The Looklist apps are going to be quite epic. just you wait.

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    Connect With Us

    We love getting feedback, and just chatting with people in general. We mean that, so send us a note anytime:

    Email us if you have questions, or signup below to keep updated as we grow and continue to make Looklist the best place for style inspiration.

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